Zero Waste Event Management

Every event which is run in Tāmaki Makaurau can potentially create tonnes of rubbish that goes straight to Papatūānuku (landfill) if it is not sorted properly. Para Kore ki Tāmaki are dedicated to creating a Zero Waste Event Management strategy where the event organisers can pride themselves and their sponsors in achieving high diversion rates.

We do this by

  • Analysing event requirements and providing support in writing Waste Management Plans

  • Defining a Zero Waste strategy specific to every event

  • Working alongside vendors to ensure that procurement issues are proactively planned for; we recommend only paper/wooden based products be used at all events which can be composted within 24 hours of the event. We also provide systems that can offer discounted rates of purchasing

  • Our point of difference is that for most events we do not just put out bins where contamination and littering are major issues at the events. We provide Kaitiaki waste ambassadors who stand at the bin stations, actively educating the public about how to sort their rubbish at the event and also take that learning home after the event ensuring ongoing diversion occurs. They also ensure that full diversion potential is achieved by sorting recycling, compost, landfill before it leaves the site.

  • Unless you have a multi-day event, we guarantee the event is cleared up within 2 hours of the event finish time, leaving the site in the same condition and with a little more wairua than we started with.

What we find is that there is actually very little that is sent to Papatūānuku once we sort and divert landfill from the rest of the waste streams. Our aim is to always achieve up to 90% diversion rate and a change in behaviours through education at every event.

We are proud of bringing whanau along with us on the journey and providing the event organisers and your sponsors the opportunity to stand out in a crowd and be proud of their minimal impact on Papatūānuku .

ASB Polyfest 2021 Waste Audit Results

Para Kore Ki Tāmaki was fortunate enough to be asked back to facilitate the Waste Management for ASB Polyfest 2021.

After a tumultuous year in 2020, with the event being cancelled the week of due to nation wide COVID-19 lockdowns, Para Kore Ki Tāmaki was excited, willing and ready to help do out part to help protect Papatūānuku by effectively diverting as much of the waste from the event as possible.

Building from our participation in 2019, we applied many of the same systems; having a total of 20 manned 3 bin sorting systems, employing a total of 33 local whānau/aiga, and working along side the ASB event organisers and Pacific Vision Aotearoa (PVA).

PVA was instrumental in their support for this event. They disseminated and implemented the 'Caring For Creation' bond to all stall holders, and would regularly walk around the event to check that all the stall holders were adhering to the bond's stipulations; No Polystyrene containers are to be used on site and only compostable and recyclable materials will be accepted for their packaging. This was imperative for our diversion rate as it meant that all of the waste that was created could, more or less, be diverted, with as little as possible going to landfill.

This year's event was split up into 3 areas;

  • Māori Stage, including Boundary Road & Carpark

  • Samoan, Cook Island & Diversity

  • Tongan, including Te Irirangi Drive & Carpark

The manned bin stations were comprised of 3, 240L wheelie bins, Recycling, Compost & Landfill, and were placed in areas of high foot traffic to maximise attendee participation, while our team of sweepers walked around the event grounds to pick up any litter that was thrown on the ground.

Envirowaste provided 9, 9m gantry bins that the wheelie bins were emptied into, and provided well rounded customer service and support through out the event, with their operators arriving to site promptly as the gantry bins needed to be swapped.

This year, Para Kore Ki Tāmaki achieved a diversion rate of 78%! The total weight of the waste created by the event was 15.96 tons, an increase of 53% from 2019.


As shown in the pie graph above, the largest category of waste was Compost, with 9.23 ton being diverted from landfill and only 3.6 ton having to go to Landfill. We believe this to be an amazing achievement, as it sets a new bar for other events of this size, and shows that with the correct systems and support, any event held in Tāmaki Makaurau has the ability to reduce it's impact on Papatūānuku drastically.

Para Kore Ki Tāmaki looks forward to ASB Polyfest 2022, and hopes to help protect Papatūānuku one event at a time.

ASB Polyfest 2019 Waste Audit Results

ASB Polyfest is the largest Polynesian School Cultural Extravaganza of its type in the South Pacific. It is a 4 day event that provides for up to 110,000 participants and is a jewel in the crown of our Pacific pride for our heritage.

This is the first year that ASB Polyfest have been able to implement their vision of protecting our planet by delivering a "Caring for Creation" bond with their vendors. This bond set an accountability framework for vendors to ensure they used the correct packaging which made huge differences in their waste streams.

The outcome was a phenomenal 64.4% diversion rate! And the aim is to get higher every year. A total of 10.43 ton of waste was created during the event, and while we didn't get to participate in the final day of the event due to the Christchurch terrorist attack, we believe that we can improve on this diversion rate.

A total of 52 whanau and aiga were employed during the zero waste event management for ASB Polyfest. The whole event area was broken into three zones;

  • Maori stage

  • Tongan stage, including Diversity Stage and Green Zone

  • Samoan/Niuean/Cook Island stage

A combination of manned bin stations - recyclable, compostable and landfill 240 litre wheelie bins and un-manned bin stations were provided throughout the event area in accordance with public demand within gathering spaces, activities undertaken and thoroughfare.

Para Kore ki Tāmaki staff wore distinctive blue Vizy vests which made them easily visible and provided the required level of professionalism.

The Waste Management company Pink Bins were the successful company that Para Kore ki Tāmaki chose to manage the large volumes of waste streams ad resources.

Event sweepers were constantly active in picking up dropped litter, and we were commended on the high level of cleanliness and litter management that we provided. Areas with high volumes of rubbish were concentrated on to provide as clean an environment for the next days’ proceedings as possible. A great deal of time was taken picking up individual pieces of costumes that were dropped or trimmed from outfits.


Diversion from landfill of resources that can be either composted or recycled is the most effective way of protecting Papatūānuku from the toxic effects of burying waste. Previous diversion rates have been unobtainable from waste management contractors as audit reports have not been provided resulting in a lack of understanding of total weights and diversion percentages. It is therefore difficult to determine a baseline to compare the 64.4%diversion rate against but this rate is exemplary and a tribute to the commitment of the organisers to their 'Caring for Creation' goal.

Waitangi @ Waititi 2019 Waste Audit Results

Para Kore ki Tāmaki were invited to deliver the Zero Waste Event Management for Waitangi@Waititi 2019 on behalf of Waipareira Trust. Knowing that sending rubbish to landfill has a devastating impact on Papatūānuku and that the voice of our Rangatahi is powerful. Para Kore ki Tāmaki took the opportunity to deliver a Zero Waste Event Management Plan that made diversion ‘cool and funky’!

Para Kore set up 8 centralised bin stations in accordance to the crowd, to draw event participants together and sorted all para (waste) into recycling, landfill and compostable resources. Before the event a vendor agreement was sent out to inform all vendors of packaging and sponsorship merchandising expectations. Presentations of the kaupapa were given to Hoani Waititi Marae and Waipareira Trust to define what our outcomes and tikanga and 10 volunteers were engaged through the rangatahi of te Kura Kaupapa o Hoani Waititi as a fundraiser and also to train them for future events.


Results: 72% diversion rate. (41% Total Recyclable (59,340 kg), 31% Total Compostable (44,500 kg), 28% Total Landfill (40,660 kg)

This result is phenomenal given the fact that Para Kore ki Tamaki did not have a significant amount of time to work alongside the event organisers or the vendors on their procurement practices. We achieved this through our extensive knowledge of how to run large scale events and more importantly our commitment to protecting Papatūānuku.